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When Buddha Points to Christ



圓美國夢?! (中文版) 想買這本書請跟我聯絡. Email:

內容包括如何送小孩到美國上中小學大學, 如何自己辦綠卡或美國公民身份, 在美國車禍時如何保護自己的權益, 如何讓英文短期內進步神速, 加上洛城5大美女的奮鬥故事等等。並提供就業資訊及建議給想在美國找工作包括想到美國教中文的讀者! 網路交美國朋友必看!

Achieving American Dreams (in Chinese).  This book is to promote cross-cultural understanding and help new Chinese students and immigrants adjust to life in America.



Ace the Greyhound-Coming Home Book 1 Ace Meets the Wolf Clan. 

A book for animal lovers of all ages.

“Meet Ace and Trooper, two rescued dog pals now living happily ever after in their forever homes in Sedona, Arizona. But it wasn’t always that way. Retired racing-champion Ace charges into the Racing Home series with the harrowing tale of his puppyhood in the backwoods of Idaho, as told to his rescued beagle pal Trooper. There’s a wolf problem at the Rescue Ranch, but Ace helps “middle-class house dog” Trooper overcome his prejudice against his own noble wolf ancestors with a surprising tale from his past.”

One of the purposes of this book is to generate awareness of the fact that there are a lot of animals at shelters waiting for forever homes.


6-Week Chinese Express Learning Program

6-Week Online Chinese Express Learning Program is personal tutoring and custom-designed to fit your conversational needs.

The goal is to help the express students engage in basic conversation and continue to learn Chinese using DIY resources after the Express Program is completed.

Fee: $350/person or $500/2-3 people for six weeks includes six hours (one hour per week) of personal online instruction, study videos, and learning materials.

$50/hour for follow-up conversational practice for more fluency.

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Translation Service

Our professional team can help you translate documents, essays, articles and books from English to Chinese or from Chinese to English.

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